Fertilization works well with key nutrients in addition to fertile soil. In order to have a healthy lawn you need high soil quality. Using our specialized fertilizer for your lawn is the best way to do so.

For a thick and healthy lawn your soil needs a few key elements:

  • Phosphorous

  • Nitrate

  • Potassium

  • Water

  • Sunshine

f you don’t have all of these, your lawn will look shriveled and brown, and often times will become filled with weeds. 

With an early spring crabgrass pre emergent and an included grub control application will help keep weeds and pests at a minimum.

Lawn fertilizer, when used properly, is the ideal way to keep your lawn looking like your favorite golf course. Since it uses natural chemicals and vitamins, it’s a lawn care solution you can feel good about using. Not only are you taking care of your lawn by using fertilizer, you’re taking care of the environment. No need to worry about excess waste since our fertilizer formula slowly dissipates into the soil, and feeds your lawn.

You can’t rely solely on your soil for great, healthy plant life. You’ll get better results by using Greenline Lawns balanced fertilization program, that will keep your lawn looking great all season long. 


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