Lawn Maintenance

Mulch mowers are far superior to the equipment our competitors use. In the case of mulching lawn mowers, the mulch consists of grass clippings from the mowed turfgrass. The clippings are cut into fine pieces that fall easily to the soil surface. There, they can be rapidly broken down by soil microorganisms, which release nutrients from the mulched plant material back into the soil. 

Greenline uses walk/ride behind mowers on all residential homes, these mowers weigh much less than the normal sit down riding mowers.


Those hard to reach areas around the trees, the fenceline, around the kids playground, are no match for Greenline. Our teams are trained to ensure that your yard, is no match for us. Hard to reach areas are line trimmed and walkways and driveways are edged.  All concrete areas and patio/decks are blown clean.


There is nothing like a clean and edged walkway and driveway. It pulls the yard together and shows off your lawn as it was intended. Clean. Concise. Edged to perfection.


Some of our competitors use heavy riding mowers, which often tear up the grass and leave your yard looking cut, but not right. Greenline uses ride behind mowers which give use the opportunity to keep your yard perfect cut, after cut. 


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