Lawn Renovation

For everything there is a season, and when it comes to lawn renovation, spring is it. As lawn grasses wake from dormancy, nutrient and water demands increase.


Unless you’ve been providing consistent applications of compost or soil improving amendments, chances are your lawn will need some attention now.

Lawn renovation focuses on improving existing conditions without killing all existing vegetation. Take this route when you have about 50% lawn coverage or more. Although you will likely have weeds too, by promoting a healthy stand of new grass, you’ll start to choke out and out-compete weeds vying for that same space. Our Greenline Process will ensure you that you have a lush green lawn for seasons to come.


We take the time to clean the debris. A dethatching rake or our specialized tools behind a mower or lawn tractor works wonders for this. By clearing away dead and dying grass and weed debris, more light, air and water can reach your lawn.

Greenline Lawn's aeration process is intended to extract cores of soil from the ground. The benefit is improved drainage and decreased soil compaction. The open space also improves root expansion and openings for soil amendments and seed to go without washing away.

Then, Greenline applies the grass seed to ensure growth and lawn support. Here, more is not better. It takes specialized training to ensure that your lawn looks top-notch. Too much seed can lead to overcrowding and eventual overall lawn decline. Alternatively, if you are sodding areas instead, make sure the surface area is clean, and raked smooth of rocks and debris.

For an existing lawn that has been neglected for some time.  A multi step process that helps a tired lawn bounce back.


  • All weeds are treated.

  • Lawn is aerated. (Reduces soil compaction and improves root expansion.)

  • Lawn is overseeded. (Full sun seed and Shady select for areas that receive less light.)

  • Compost is spread over entire lawn.

  • Any bald spots are patched. 


With adequate watering the new seed and existing lawn will out-compete weeds and produce a lush lawn for seasons to come. 


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