Snow Removal

Michigan winters can be beautiful BUT it helps to have a plan for those snow days.

If you are searching for a landscaper that can provide you with a professional snow removal service Greenline Lawn is the company that will exceed your expectations.


With us, you will rely on a crew of qualified and experienced professional landscapers who know how to offer you the quality, and efficiency you are searching for.

In order to make sure our clients receive quality services we only use the best equipment. Our crew of experienced specialists are more than capable of providing you with a timely and reliable snow removal service that will exceed your expectations, regardless of the size of the job. With us, you will be able to save yourself the time and effort, and count on our Greenline professionals to take care of the removal of the snow from your backyard, alley, or garden. Make sure you are choosing the right people, and hire us today!

Removal Includes


Driveways, front walks and porch areas, and any city walks are cleared of snow.


Service routes start when snow has completed falling and we have an accumulation of two inches or more. 


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