Spring & Fall 

When the seasons in Michigan start to change, the flowers start to bloom, or when the weather begins to get crisp,  our state becomes a beautiful kaleidoscope of color as the leaves turn into bold shades of gold, red, yellow and orange.


Unfortunately, the next step is having your property covered in dead and dying leaves, or debri from the winter, and the result can be unattractive and even unsafe.


Many homeowners are happy to tackle the job of leaf removal on their own, but hiring the Greenline professionals to tackle the job may be a better option depending on your budget and your busy schedule. 

Let the Greenline team tackle the job of Spring and Fall cleanups, which is a great option for a busy schedule.


Spring cleanups are completed before the end of April.


Fall cleanups run the month of November and rarely into December.


(A changing climate varies these dates year to year.)


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